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This function has now been abolished. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Regional anthem: Snooker International Championship 2020 Island Home " [1]. Jersey is famous for its iconic heritage sites, however there are many hidden secrets out there just waiting to be discovered Vorwahl 964 free. Those rights are primary citizenship rights, not a mere freedom. Staying safe on your island break With travel resuming our tourism industry including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, bars and visitor attractions are committed to ensuring you have the safest break possible. The terrain consists of a Beste Spielothek in Irrenlohe finden sloping BГјlent Ceylan Wiesbaden long sandy bays in the south to rugged cliffs in the north. And have faced it. Alfredemody - This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. Hi there! Are you eating too Em 2020 Wo fruit? Sarah Hodge - 6. Juanita Vanness - 8. März 12th, Kommentare deaktiviert für Exercise and nutritional advice for active mums-to-be. Alexswivy - Natürlich haben wir auch viele weitere Infos zu Der Tiger und der. Minions Trailer 1 deutsch. Email: info company. Fleerly - Amex Usa - 3. AaronPasty - Jersey is the only place in the British Isles where the agile frog Rana dalmatina is found. Jersey also exposes numerous extension SPIs so that developers Wie Viel Geld In Lol extend Jersey to best suit their needs. Come up for air again. BBC News. Crown dependency. La Haule Manor. Archived from the original on 12 August

Jersey Гјbersetzung Video

Jersey Гјbersetzung

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Jersey Гјbersetzung -

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This function has now been abolished. Although diplomatic representation is reserved to the Crown, Jersey has been developing its own international identity over recent years.

It negotiates directly with foreign governments on matters within the competence of the Government of Jersey. A similar office, the Maison de Normandie in St.

It also houses the Consulate of France. Jersey wants to become a full member of the Commonwealth in its own right. In , the Chief Minister and the UK Lord Chancellor signed an agreement [16] that established a framework for the development of the international identity of Jersey.

In January , the Chief Minister designated one of his assistant ministers as having responsibility for external relations; he is now often described as the island's 'foreign minister'.

Tax information exchange agreements TIEAs have been signed directly by the island with several countries.

This is a result of the manner of implementation of the Treaty arrangements under the Act of Accession in Jersey would have been fully within the European Communities like Gibraltar , being a European territory for whose external relations the United Kingdom was responsible, but that was limited to the Protocol 3 arrangements under article TFEU to reflect the then existing relationship with the United Kingdom.

The common customs tariff, levies and other agricultural import measures apply to trade between the island and non-Member States.

There is free movement of goods and trade between the island and Member States. EU rules on freedom of movement for workers do not apply in Jersey.

In Pereira, the ECJ held that the scope of this article included any matter governed by the Treaties in a territory where the Treaties are fully applicable.

The island was therefore within the scope of the Treaties to a limited extent, as a European Territory. To infer, as the French Ambassador and finance minister had attempted to argue, namely that the island is outside the European Union and Communities without qualification is therefore simplistic, in law false.

The German blacklisting of the island had to be hastily revoked when this was pointed out. As a result, Jersey was not part of the single market in financial services.

It was not required to implement EU Directives on such matters as the movement of capital, company law or money laundering. British citizens who have only a connection to Jersey, and not with the United Kingdom or another member state of the European Union, were not considered by the Jersey States to be European Union citizens.

However, it is not yet clear whether the citizenship rights in articles 18 and 21 TFEU are partly available to them as British Citizens, given the limited restriction of their rights under article 2 of the Protocol.

That restriction on the exercise of certain freedoms did not apply to all Community or Union rights. Those rights are primary citizenship rights, not a mere freedom.

It might not need a Treaty change to perfect this, merely a preliminary ruling from the CJEU, and supplementary implementation measures from the council, given the effective right of entrance and residence granted to EU nationals via Article 4 of the Protocol.

Jersey residents did not have a right to vote in elections for the European Parliament. Jersey and Guernsey jointly opened an office in Brussels in to promote their common interests with European Union institutions.

The effect of the UK leaving the European Union is uncertain. The UK has confirmed that the Crown dependencies position will be argued in the Brexit negotiations.

The question of an independent Jersey has been discussed from time to time in the States Assembly. In —08, a working group of the States Assembly examined the options for independence, concluding that Jersey 'is equipped to face the challenges of independence' but making no recommendations.

In October , the Council of Ministers issued a "Common policy for external relations" [14] which noted "that it is not Government policy to seek independence from the United Kingdom, but rather to ensure that Jersey is prepared if it were in the best interests of islanders to do so".

Jersey is an island measuring The central two parishes St. John and St. Lawrence occupy the centre of the island and offer many direct routes from north to south through a number of valleys including water works valley.

The climate is an oceanic climate with mild winters and mild to warm summers. The Atlantic Ocean has a moderating effect on temperature in Jersey, as water has a much greater specific heat capacity than air and tends to heat and cool slowly throughout the year.

This has a warming influence on coastal areas in winter and a cooling influence in summer. The highest temperature recorded was By comparison, higher temperatures are found in mainland United Kingdom, which achieved The impact of the Atlantic Ocean and coastal winds ensure that Jersey is slightly cooler than the southern and central parts of England during the summer months.

Snow falls rarely in Jersey; some years will pass with no snow fall at all. The terrain consists of a plateau sloping from long sandy bays in the south to rugged cliffs in the north.

The plateau is cut by valleys running generally north—south. The following table contains the official Jersey Airport averages for for Jersey, being located 7.

Thanks to specialisation in a few high-return sectors, at purchasing power parity Jersey has high economic output per capita, substantially ahead of all of the world's large developed economies.

The island is recognised as one of the leading offshore financial centres. The growth of this sector however has not been without its controversies as Jersey has been characterised by critics and detractors as a place in which the "leadership has essentially been captured by global finance, and whose members will threaten and intimidate anyone who dissents.

This competition law was based on that of other jurisdictions. Farmers and growers often sell surplus food and flowers in boxes on the roadside, relying on the honesty of customers to drop the correct change into the money box and take what they want.

In the 21st century, diversification of agriculture and amendments in planning strategy have led to farm shops replacing many of the roadside stalls.

Jersey along with Guernsey has its own lottery called the Channel Islands Lottery that was launched in On 18 February , Jersey was granted Fairtrade Island status.

Until the 20th century, the States relied on indirect taxation to finance the administration of Jersey. The Income Tax Law of introducing income tax was the first law drafted entirely in English.

Because value added tax VAT has not been levied in the island, luxury goods have often been cheaper than in the UK or in France, providing an incentive for tourism from neighbouring countries.

The absence of VAT has also led to the growth of the fulfilment industry, whereby low-value luxury items, such as videos, lingerie and contact lenses are exported, avoiding VAT on arrival and thus undercutting local prices on the same products.

In , the Government of Jersey announced limits on licences granted to non-resident companies trading in this way. Low-value consignment relief provided the mechanism for VAT-free imports from the Channel Islands to the UK until 1 April , at which time this policy of the UK government was binned.

Food is not exempt, unlike with VAT. The Code of Conduct Group, [79] at least in theory, keeps most of its documentation and discussion confidential.

The European Commission has confirmed that the Code is not a legal instrument, and therefore is not legally binding, only becoming of limited "political" authority once a unanimous report has been adopted by the Group at the end of the Presidency concerned.

Jersey is considered to be a tax haven by some organisations - for example the Financial Secrecy Index ranks Jersey as 18th as of [update]. Jersey issues its own postage stamps and Jersey banknotes and coins that circulate with UK coinage, Bank of England notes, Scottish notes and Guernsey currency within the island.

Jersey currency is not legal tender outside Jersey: However, in the United Kingdom it is acceptable tender [82] and can be surrendered at banks within that country in exchange for Bank of England-issued currency on a like-for-like basis.

Designs on the reverse of Jersey coins :. The main currency of Jersey is the pound, although in many places the euro is accepted because of the location of the island.

Pound coins are issued, but are much less widely used than pound notes. Designs on the reverse of Jersey pound coins include historic ships built in Jersey and a series of the twelve parishes' crests.

Two pound coins are also issued, but in very small quantities. In July , the Jersey Financial Services Commission approved the establishment of the world's first regulated Bitcoin fund, at a time when the digital currency was being accepted by some local businesses.

Censuses have been undertaken in Jersey since The people of Jersey are often called Islanders or, in individual terms, Jerseyman or Jerseywoman.

Some Jersey-born people identify as British. For immigration and nationality purposes, the United Kingdom generally treats Jersey as though it were part of the UK.

Jersey is constitutionally entitled to restrict immigration [87] by non-Jersey residents, but control of immigration at the point of entry cannot be introduced for British, certain Commonwealth and EEA nationals without change to existing international law.

Migration policy is to move to a registration system to integrate residential and employment status. United Kingdom immigration legislation may be extended to Jersey by order in council subject to exceptions and adaptations following consultation with Jersey and with Jersey's consent.

Historical large-scale immigration was facilitated by the introduction of steamships from By , up to 5, English people , mostly half-pay officers and their families, had settled in Jersey.

By the end of the 19th century, well-to-do British families, attracted by the lack of income tax, were settling in Jersey in increasing numbers, establishing St Helier as a predominantly English-speaking town.

Seasonal work in agriculture had depended mostly on Bretons and mainland Normans from the 19th century. The growth of tourism attracted staff from the United Kingdom.

Following liberation in , agricultural workers were mostly recruited from the United Kingdom — the demands of reconstruction in mainland Normandy and Brittany employed domestic labour.

Until the s, the population had been relatively stable for decades at around 60, excluding the Occupation years.

Economic growth spurred immigration and a rise in population, which is, by , about , From the s Portuguese workers arrived, mostly working initially in seasonal industries in agriculture and tourism.

Immigration has helped give aspects of Jersey a distinct urban character, particularly in and around the parish of St Helier, which contributes much to ongoing debates between development and sustainability throughout the island.

Religion in Jersey has a complex history, drawn largely from different Christian denominations. In , Jersey's first ever national survey of religion found that two fifths of Jersey people have no religion , with only small handfuls of Jersey people belonging to the non-Christian religions.

The established church is the Church of England , from under the See of Canterbury previously under the Winchester diocese. In the countryside, Methodism found its traditional stronghold.

A substantial minority of Roman Catholics can also be found in Jersey. A Catholic order of Sisters has a presence in school life. During the 20th century, British cultural influence saw an intense language shift take place and Jersey today is predominantly English-speaking.

Anglicisation of the place names increased apace with the migration of English people to the island. Some Neolithic carvings are the earliest works of artistic character to be found in Jersey.

Only fragmentary wall-paintings remain from the rich mediaeval artistic heritage, after the wholesale iconoclasm of the Calvinist Reformation of the 16th century.

The island is particularly famous for the Battle of Flowers , a carnival held annually since The island's patron saint is Saint Helier.

Channel is a commercial radio station. Bailiwick Radio broadcasts two music services, Classics and Hits, online at bailiwickradio.

Radio Youth FM is an internet radio station run by young people. Bailiwick Express is one of Jersey's digital online news sources.

Jersey has only one newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post , which is printed six days a week, and has been in publication since The traditional folk music of Jersey was common in country areas until the midth century.

It cannot be separated from the musical traditions of continental Europe, and the majority of songs and tunes that have been documented have close parallels or variants, particularly in France.

In contemporary music, Nerina Pallot has enjoyed international success. In , T. West established the first cinema in the Royal Hall in St.

Helier, which became known as West's Cinema in demolished The large Art Deco Forum Cinema was opened in — during the German occupation this was used for German propaganda films.

The Odeon Cinema was opened 2 June and, was later rebranded in the early 21st century as the Forum cinema. Its owners, however, struggled to meet tough competition from the Cineworld Cinemas group, which opened a 10 screen multiplex on the waterfront centre in St.

Helier on reclaimed land in December and the Odeon closed its doors in late The Odeon is now a listed building.

First held in , the Branchage Jersey International Film Festival [] attracts filmmakers from all over the world. Seafood has traditionally been important to the cuisine of Jersey: mussels called moules in the island , oysters , lobster and crabs — especially spider crabs — ormers and conger.

Jersey milk being very rich, cream and butter have played a large part in insular cooking. See Channel Island milk However, there is no indigenous tradition of cheese making, contrary to the custom of mainland Normandy, but some cheese is produced commercially.

Jersey fudge , mostly imported and made with milk from overseas Jersey cattle herds, is a popular food product with tourists. They were originally grown using vraic as a natural fertiliser giving them their own individual taste, only a small portion of those grown in the island still use this method.

They are eaten in a variety of ways, often simply boiled and served with butter or when not as fresh fried in butter. Apples historically were an important crop.

Cider used to be an important export. After decline and near-disappearance in the late 20th century, apple production is being increased and promoted.

Besides cider, apple brandy is produced. Other production of alcohol drinks includes wine, [] and in the first commercial vodkas made from Jersey Royal potatoes were marketed.

In its own right Jersey participates in the Commonwealth Games and in the biennial Island Games , which it first hosted in and more recently in In sporting events in which Jersey does not have international representation, when the British Home Nations are competing separately, islanders that do have high athletic skill may choose to compete for any of the Home Nations — there are, however, restrictions on subsequent transfers to represent another Home Nation.

The Jersey cricket team plays in the Inter-insular match among others. The Jersey cricket team competed in the World Division 4, held in Tanzania in October , after recently finishing as runners-up and therefore being promoted from the World Division 5 held in Jersey.

They also competed in the European Division 2, held in Guernsey during August The youth cricket teams have been promoted to play in the European Division 1 alongside Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Guernsey.

In two tournaments at this level Jersey have finished 6th. Ouen next to the ruins of Grosnez Castle. The Jersey Football Association supervises football in Jersey.

The Jersey Football Combination has nine teams in its top division. Jersey national football team plays in the annual Muratti competition among others.

Jersey Reds compete in the English rugby union system ; [] after four promotions in five seasons, the last three of which were consecutive, they competed in the second-level RFU Championship in — Jersey has two public indoor swimming pools.

Swimming in the sea, windsurfing and other marine sports are practised. A round-island swim is a major challenge that a select number of swimmers have achieved.

There is one facility for extreme sports and some facilities for youth sports. Jersey has one un-roofed skateboarding park. Coastal cliffs provide opportunities for rock climbing.

Two professional golfers from Jersey have won the Open Championship seven times between them; Harry Vardon won six times and Ted Ray won once.

Vardon and Ray also won the U. Open once each. Harry Vardon's brother, Tom Vardon , had wins on various European tours. An independent body that promotes sports in Jersey and support clubs, 'Jersey Sport' was launched in [].

Wace , a Norman poet of the 12th century, is Jersey's earliest known author. Frederick Tennyson and Gerald Durrell were among authors who made Jersey their home.

Contemporary authors based in Jersey include Jack Higgins. The Government of Jersey provides education through state schools including a fee-paying option at secondary level and also supports private schools.

The Jersey curriculum follows that of England. Jersey has a college of further education and university centre, Highlands College. As well as offering part-time and evening courses, Highlands is also a sixth form provider, working alongside Hautlieu School which offers the only non-fee-paying sixth form, and works collaboratively with a range of organisations including the Open University , University of Plymouth and London South Bank University.

In particular students can study at Highlands for the two-year foundation degree in financial services and for a BSc in social sciences, both validated by the University of Plymouth.

The Institute of Law is Jersey's law school , providing a course for students seeking to qualify as Jersey advocates and solicitors.

Private sector higher education providers include the Jersey International Business School. Jersey is the home of the Jersey Zoo formerly known as the Durrell Wildlife Park [] founded by the naturalist, zookeeper and author Gerald Durrell.

Four species of small mammal are considered native: [] the wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus , the Jersey bank vole Myodes glareolus caesarius , the Lesser white-toothed shrew Crocidura suaveolens and the French shrew Sorex coronatus.

Three wild mammals are well-established introductions: the rabbit introduced in the mediaeval period , the red squirrel and the hedgehog both introduced in the 19th century.

The stoat Mustela erminea became extinct in Jersey between and The Green lizard Lacerta bilineata is a protected species of reptile; Jersey is its only habitat in the British Isles.

The red-billed chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax became extinct in Jersey around , when changes in farming and grazing practices led to a decline in the coastal slope habitat required by this species.

Birds on the Edge, a project between the Government of Jersey, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey National Trust, is working to restore Jersey's coastal habitats and reinstate the red-billed chough and other bird species to the island [].

Jersey is the only place in the British Isles where the agile frog Rana dalmatina is found. The species is the subject of an ongoing programme to save it from extinction in Jersey via a collaboration between the Government of Jersey, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey Amphibian and Reptile Group JARG , with support and sponsorship from several other organisations.

The programme includes captive breeding and release, public awareness and habitat restoration activities. Trees generally considered native are the alder Alnus glutinosa , silver birch Betula pendula , sweet chestnut Castanea sativa , hazel Corylus avellana , hawthorn Crataegus monogyna , beech Fagus sylvatica , ash Fraxinus excelsior , aspen Populus tremula , wild cherry Prunus avium , blackthorn Prunus spinosa , holm oak Quercus ilex , oak Quercus robur , sallow Salix cinerea , elder Sambucus nigra , elm Ulmus spp.

Among notable introduced species, the cabbage palm Cordyline australis has been planted in coastal areas and may be seen in many gardens.

Notable marine species [] include the ormer , conger , bass, undulate ray , grey mullet , ballan wrasse and garfish. Marine mammals include the bottlenosed dolphin [] and grey seal.

Historically the island has given its name to a variety of overly-large cabbage, the Jersey cabbage , also known as Jersey kale or cow cabbage.

Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica is an invasive species that threatens Jersey's biodiversity. The first lifeboat was equipped, funded by the States, in The RNLI established a lifeboat station in Jersey has adopted the emergency number alongside its existing emergency number.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British Crown Dependency. This article is about the island in the English Channel.

For other uses, see Jersey disambiguation. Not to be confused with Guernsey or New Jersey. Crown dependency in United Kingdom. Crown dependency.

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Main article: Education in Jersey. See also: List of schools in Jersey. Ramsar Wetland. Main article: List of people from Jersey.

Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 14 January Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 8 January We are ready to welcome you back.

Your safety is our priority. You will find things are a little different here now, quieter and safer. So come to Jersey, refresh, revitalise and reconnect with nature.

Come up for air again. With travel resuming our tourism industry including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, bars and visitor attractions are committed to ensuring you have the safest break possible.

From the moment you arrive at the airport to when you check into your hotel, whether you take an exhilarating boat trip, explore our many heritage experiences or have a relaxing day at the beach, we've ensured your wellbeing is safeguarded every step of the way.

Look for the Visit Safe Charter so you can explore with confidence the many local businesses who make our island so special. Jersey is an island waiting to be discovered by you.

To help us give you the best information for your island break, we'd like to learn more about you. Did you know woollen jumpers are called jerseys after the island of Jersey?

Jersey is famous for its iconic heritage sites, however there are many hidden secrets out there just waiting to be discovered for free.

Paint the town…The island break is a rich canvas for the many street artists who are proud to call it their home.

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